1862 September 28 “Eudora,” near Leesburg, Va.

[from the diary of Lt. John Tyler, of Letcher’s Artillery]

(Sept 28th )  (Sunday.)  Feel rather better
this morning.  Sat during the latter part
of the morning.  The family all went to
church this morning.  It’s rather
cloudy.  Miss Lizzie brought me in this
morning to look at a most exquisite lit-
-tle painting ( on Ivory) of “Beatrice diCenci”
which she got in Rome, & a most beauti-
-ful frame for it, made in Switzerland,
the whole thing is in excellent taste
and does credit to her taste.  I enjoy
gazing at it very much.  I think I can
detect some resemblance to my darling
Jennie, who is ever in my mind.  The
ladies seem to sympathize with me, for
not being able to hear a word from home
or from the boys in the Army.  Miss Lizzie
has kept me supplied ever since I have
been here with nice soft peaches & cream.
I long to show her in some way how
much I appreciate her kindness to me.
Have passed the day in reading my bible
& prayer book, & in pleasant converse with
the ladies who spent the evening in my room.

[transcript by Mary Roy Dawson Edwards]

MSS 6150

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