1862 August 31 Centreville, Va.

[from the diary of Ephraim A. Wood, of Co. C., 13th Massachusetts]

     Sunday  Aug 31st/62

     Early this morning we
started for Centreville.  It rained
hard.  The remains of our Regt
haulted near Centreville.  We soon
learned that another Squad
of the Regt were the other side
of Centreville.  We went to them
and soon after another guard
under a Lieut came up.
A number of the wounded of our
Company were there and the Capt
saw them safely aboard of hacks
that came from Washington.
We marched about two miles
from Centrevill and Camped or
rather Bivouaked in amongst
some stumps of trees, formerly a forest.
A great many of the straglers came
up to day.  Our loss is very
heavy.  Our Company had
Sixteen wounded that we are
sure of, three killed and
there is eight I think missing.
We do not know whether they are
killed wounded or taken prisoners.
The other Companies have lost in
like proportion.  Among the killed
and wounded in this Company is
Cop Blanchard killed, Private Dickinson
killed Hastings Bennett of Brighton
who attended Mr Allens School the same
time Sophia and I did, killed.
John Arnott wounded , J Halstrick,
John Keith, Henry Loard, Frank Mann,
Chas. Page, Henry Richards, John
Richardson, George Sawyer. All wounded.
Other that I forget the names of a
number of recruits wounded and missing
Joe Keeting was wounded.  John
Mitchell is missing and I have
heard since that he was wounded
and in Washington but cannot tell
for certain.  Among the missing are
Walter Colender  Private Palfrey  David
Walke  Albert Lescolm and some
of the Recruits.  There is very few but
what can show some mark
of a bullett about their clothing
A great many had holes shot
through their canteens.  The Regt
threw off their Knapsacks before
going into Battle and the Rebel
have got them.

[transcript by Mary Roy Dawson Edwards]

MSS 12021

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