1862 August 30 Manassas, Va.

[from the diary of Lt. John Tyler of Letcher’s Artillery as recorded somewhat after the date]
(Aug. 30th) Skirmishing commenced
very early this morning along the whole
line.  Our Brigade was in position on
the left & near the R. R. cut.  T’was evident
ere long that the enemy were trying to turn
our left & Genl. Thomas sent me to look

out and report to Genl. Hill.  After find-
-ing out what the enemy were up to & their
position I went to Genl. Hill & told him,
he then sent me to show Genl Gregg a
good position on our left which I
did, and at my suggestion a battery
was planted, which in a very few minutes
after had a chance of rendering us some val-
-uable assistance, for where I had
supposed they would, the enemy made
an attack but this battery opening on
them put them to flight at once, and
at several times during the day this
battery proved its valuable position.
The fight commenced in good earnest
on our right at 2 ½ o’c & in an hour the
whole line was engaged, at 4 o’c we
made a grand charge, in which we com-
-pletely routed the enemy taking a
quantity of artillery, small arms, & pris-
-oners, and following the flying enemy

for 3 miles, when night prevented
farther pursuit.  Slept for an hour
or two on battlefield that night &
out in a hard rain.  After such un-
-usual fatigues I could not wonder
at feeling rather unwell.

[transcript by Mary Roy Dawson Edwards]

MSS 6150

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