1862 July 31 Camp Green Meadows

[letter of James Dinsmore Templeton, musician and private, of the 23rd Ohio begun on July 30 continues]
July 31st
We have had several pleasant
dinner parties out among
the citizens since we came
to this camp last Sabbath
we were out to dinner the
people cant get into camp
and are very anxious to
hear the band they get up
dinners & we go out –last

[page 6]
Sabbath we were
out with several of
the officers the Col was
with us.  We had a
very nice dinner.
It rains this morning
and as we have no duty
I will write some letters
I rec’d a letter last night
from Jennie Langan. She
write me a good
letter.  From present
appearances the war will
I think probably last some
time yet, and I guess if
money matters all in
good condition you had better
go on ad build the House
Don’t you get more than 50 lbs
for the wood I hear that several of
the people around there rec’d more
Write soon
Yours Truly J.D. Templeton

MSS 10317

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