1862 August 1 Fredericksburg, Va.

[from the diary of Dr.. Brodie Strachan Herndon]

August 1st  Our sweet Nannie
Gordon took her departure this
morning at half past six.  Bro
John seems relieved and is composed
and very much sustained. Ellen
Mercer gives way somewhat–but on
the whole bears up well.  She
looks so sweet as she lies on
a couch in the parlour–no
trace of suffering on her sweet
countenance.  It is a relief to
look upon it. so devoid of all
appearance of suffering.  The
dear Saviour has received her into
His arms. Perfect quiet prevails
in the house.  everything is so well
ordered.  Little Maggie looks
at her and weeps and said-
of herself–“I shall meet her at
the resurrection.”

MSS 2563-b

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