1862 August 1 camp near Warrenton, Va.

[from the diary of Private Ephraim A. Wood, Co. C., 13th Massachusetts]

          Friday    August 1st/62
               This morning Revelle beat
at half past four Oclock.
At six Oclock we were in line
to be review by Gen Pope, who
got along about half past
seven Oclock.  He looks very much
like Gen Hartsuff, but no so heavy
a man.  His Photograph in Frank
Leslies, looks very much like him.
After the great American Pope had gone,
we went to our quarters.  After nine
Oclock, I went to the creek and
had a bath, and got some apples
which I stewed for dinner.
After dinner I layed down and
slept till nearly supper time.
Had dress Parade in evening and
a short drill.  The late orders
are that every light shall be put out
at taps, and they are strictly enforced.

MSS 12021

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