1862 June 29 Oxford, Miss.

Oxford Miss Jun 29/62

My Dear Sir [General John Hartwell Cocke]
when the yankees took pos-
session of our city I was forced to leave
I had previously placed my children
with a relation 150 miles above the
city & 10 miles back from the river
on a bayou I trust they may be
safe there–of course I cannot hear
from them, as the enemy has pos-
session of the whole country about
there & we can have no mails from
them.  I am up here busy getting up
an independent company to operate
on the miss river I hop to make
the navigation exciting enough to be
pleasant at least
We are all listening with the most
intense eagerness for news from
the armies before Richmond
Let us trust that a merciful God
will defend the right–

[page 2]
I am inclined to think now
that there will be no great and
decisive battle between Halleck
& Beauregards armies, as it is
said that heavy detachments from
each army has been made to
the armies before Richmond
so that the fate of the campaign
will be decided then.  If we gain
the lost ground here will soon be
recovered-if we lose we must
fight them in detail
—fear this continued excitement
will wear upon you seriously
May our merciful Saviour sus-
tain you in any want
Can you not drop me a line
here as I shall be here occasional-

Yours very truly
P.H. Skipwith

MSS 640

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