1862 June 30 Fauquier County, Va.

[from the daily journal of Anne Madison Willis Ambler]

Monday, July 30, 1862
I arose very early thinking I would get through all
my duties so that I might enjoy my letter. But
I was doomed to be disappointed about that letter.
I had set my heart too much on it & “it is ever
thus.” Mr. Downs came back from Mr. Leonard’s & said that
our letters had been sent to Mr. Beverly’s.  There was
one from bro Tom to mother.  : Oh I never felt more
biterly disappointed in my life.  I had waited with
all the patience I could command for a week &
I had no more.  I could imagine you were dead.
There is such an awful silence about you. But
one great comfort I have I know you are wel attended
to & I must learn to bear without a murmur this
trying separation.  I hope it may blessed unto
me & teach me many lessons.
Sis B and I rod to Cousin Tom’s. G. Marshall…I was
very much pleased with the girls–am determined
I will go to see them oftener when I get back
to Clifton: They were very affectionate & kind–
We came back by Clifton to get some rose slips.
–got off our horses & walked along the lane to eat 
raspberries–  How often have we walked there 
together.  That first winter we spent at Clifton, 
I remember our waling up that way so often &
I would make Massie go too- for fear she might
 be induced to do wrong in my absence– How 
I watched over her.  I couldn’t feel more uneasy 
or try to act more conscientiously for my own child.  God 
grant me a better result for my labors.

[1972 transcript by Anne Madison Wright Baylor]

MSS 15406

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