1862 June 30 Camp on Flat Top Mountain, Va.

[from the diary of Charles Hay of the 23rd Ohio]

  Camp Jones, Flat Top Mtn., June 30th.
     The month closes today, and with it half the
year of our Lord, 1862.  Six months of time
fraught with great events in our distracted
country, hopeful ones, at first, seemingly; but
now, not so well.  This period of time was
predicted to witness the close of this accursed
rebellion, but that period of peace appears as
far distant as it did six months ago.
The slow and cautious advance of McClellan
toward Richmond is looked upon with
almost breathless interest by the whole
country as though the downfall of Richmond,
that nest of treason, betokened the redemption
of our country.  If McClellan is successful,
the effect will unquestionably be great.
But there are many almost insurmountable
obstacles in the way, and it is a matter of
regret that the young chieftain has many
opponents to his system, amongst those who
should be his warm advocates, but who suppose
their military knowledge obtained in a year, to be greater than
that of one who has made it a study how to fight.

[transcript by Mary Roy Dawson Edwards]

MSS 13925

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