1862 June 29 somewhere near Virginia battlefield

[letter scrawled on back and front of a Union patriotic envelope]

[on front of envelope  right margin eaten away]
Sunday June 29th 1862
My Dear Wife   I am wel
the Bloody Battle was faut
the 25 & 6th the nearest shel
to me was a bout 20 feet
but the All wise Provid
protected me unharmed
I would write more but
will wait a day or two &
give you the full partic
I am on the Battle field
Our guns are 1/2 miles below

[on back of envelope; flap has sealed to back obscuring message]
McClellans grand army
shot all to pieces I hope
    army will follow them
      dead are not all buried
         wounded yankees
            kindly & they are
              ing of them from
                 tures–Our guns
                    yet but have
                        to times
                        [illegible] is long[?]
                     he Capt is not
                   to move every
                I hope to Washington
             with Jackson he
           may move that way
         not be idle long–
      ry thing quiet his morng
    would not have an [illegible]
[illegible last line]

[on envelope flap]

Excuse this short note I hope to see you
     soon–I have some good oil cloths
        & a yankee knife which
          is the only relic

unsigned note of [Isaac Newton Rogers?]

MSS 6099-e                       

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