1862 June 1 Lynchburg, Va.

[from the diary of William M. Blackford, former diplomat, and bank officer of Lynchburg, Va., with five sons in the Confederate army]

Sunday June 1–Wakened with the worst
kind of nervous head ache, which
clung to me all day– Went to the
office and telegraphed to Gwatham
to learn the fate of Eugene–Heard
of some six more of the H. Guard
who were wounded–among the

rest Ro. Berkeley–Communion Sun
day–large number of communicants
-about 3 recd answer from Gwatham
saying Eugene was in the
hottest of the fight yesterday.  he
heard with great gallantry–escaped
unhurt, but had sevl of his men
killed–I never felt more gratified
as I had had many forebodings
Towards night we had certain
intelligence that the fight had been
resumed to day and was going in
our favor–went to the office of
the Republican at 8 P M. –dispatches
came in saying that all reports
concurred the enemy was completely
whipped driven back 5 miles
with the loss of 14 cannons and
that our men had pursued them
into the swamp  carnage dreadful
on both sides–Then renewal of
the fight renews my anxiety about
Eugene–Came home & wrote to
Ro. Saunders, who had sent a ser-
vant on for the news–There was
a most terrible storm of Rain Friday
night in Richd & vicinity, which
swelled the Chicahominy, & served a
good purpose for us.

MSS 4763

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