1862 May 30 near Richmond, Va.

[written on patriotic stationery featuring a vignette of General P.G.T. Bearuregard]

May 30th 1862

              Camp Near Richmond
               Henry Co County VA

             Dear Father and Mother
         I take the present opertunity
   of dropping you a few
lines to let you know that I
am well at presint
hopeing when theas few lines may
find you injoying the same
Blessing I have know news of
importance to write you
the company air all well
I received your letter yesterday
evening I was glad to here
from you I wrote you a letter
a few days ago
but I Reckon you have not
got it yet  I have had
my health Better since I
have been In several them

[page 2]
I ever did before
General Jackson has gained a
Glorious ^ at Winchester we have
taken abowt four thousand
prisoners besids a great qantity
of comissarys stores Ordinance
department and medical stores
the enemy is completely
routed he is now on the
Maryland line it is rumared
that he has landed in that st
state our losses was one
hundred killed an won wounded
and missing general McClellen
is with drawing his forces
and if this Be the case there
will be no fight here
Our ^soldiers air in fine
spirits there was a heavy
skirmish near Oru our camp

[page 3]

                      the other evning
we whiped the rascals
we dont Fear any enemy that
can be brought be fore us
we trust in God that we air
fighting in a glorious cause
a soldiers life is a harde life
to live to live some times we
haf to lay o[u]t all night in the
mud and watter water
and it and it rainig verry hard
and no shelter for the poor
soldier we air fair verry well
now we drill twice a day
you wrote to me to know if I
wanted any clothing or not
I dond any I am truly
to you for your kind offer
I hope the time aint far
distant in untill peace will

[page 4]
spread ovr the land and
we can all come home
Now I must bring theas few
lines to close Give my best
to all the friends
the oftener you write to me
I will write to you
give my love to the children
So nothing more
Only remain your
affectionate Son untill death
write soon Direct you
letters Richmond Va Co. K
28 Regiment Va Vol

James B. Painter

MSS 10661

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