1862 May 30 Fort Albany

Fort Albany May 30th/62
Dear Wife

                I have just now received
a letter from you dated May 16th
I was very glad to get it, of course, as
anything and everything, at any and all
times is always welcome.  I think I
can account for its delay. The Post
Mark bears the date. Boston. May 28th/62
I think you must have given it to
Fitzwilliam to post for you in Boston
and he kept it in his pocket, forgetting
all about it.  You will recollect the letter
when I tell you Mary Abigail & Aunt
Eunice call to see you and bothered
you about making a loaf of cake for
the box.  You must praise F. G. for
his thoughtfulness of the “Poor Soldier
who is fighting for him and his country.
I received a letter from you day before
yesterday (May 28) I think you must
have been in a very troubled state of

[page 2]
when you wrote that letter, and I
suppose you thought you had cause to
be, the Gov’s proclamation, soldiers going
to Boston, bells ringing, rebels marching
on to Washington and all sorts of
stories agoing.  I do’nt blame you for
being a little scared,  “We did’nt see it
on the contrary, we had one of the
best days that we have had since we
arrived here, it was pay-day for the
Regmt and everybody was in the best
of humor, T’is true, we made some little
preparation to give the enemy a warm
reception if he made his appearance,
but, I dont think there was a man in
the Regt, that thought he would, and,
I dont think there was scarcely a man
here, but wished he would, so it’s all
blown over now and the excitement,
(what little there was,) I am happy to say,
for your sake, and all friends at  home,
has entirely subsided.  When we hear from
McClelan at Richmond, then will be excitement.

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                                  6 1/2 o’clock P.M. 30th
We have had it very hot the most of the day, but
this afternoon, we had a a [sic] glorious shower
that cooled the air, and laid the dirt,
and made the vegatation look very beauti-
ful, put us all in good spirits, and made
a decided improvement in everything I
think,  I am enjoying first rate health.
and so is the whole of the Co. with one
or two exceptions, Co L. the company
that came here with us from Boston
(you  recollect,) has removed from here, to
Fort Barnard, it is about two miles from
here, towards Georgetown, they went yest-
erday, it is a very pleasant fort, and just
as healthy as here, Capt. Draper’s Co. also
removed from Fort Runyon, to Fort Rich-
ardson, yesterday, which is about half a
mile from here,  I think the Co as a gene-
ral thing were very glad to get away from
Fort Runyon, for it was situated in low
wet land, close to the Potomac, near the end
of Long Bridge, and was very unhealthy there,

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It is getting to be rather dark to write much
more now, but maybe this evening or tomo-
rrow morning I can scribble a few lines
more, if I dont, why I’ll just say now
keep up good heart and spirits for if you
do’nt, why, I shall have to scold you when
I come home, because I expect to have
some good times with you and the
children, yet, much better than I have
ever yet enjoyed, not saying you know
but that we have had some very excellent
times in days gone by,  A good night
Kiss for you and the children, and love
to Father and Mother, God bless and
preserve you all is the sincere prayer
of your loving husband,

Unidentified soldier int he 14th Massachusetts Heavy Artillery

MSS 1242

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