1862 [April?]

[written some time after the first battle of Kernstown]

we have not received a letter
from Bro. Will yet, but Pa sent one
of the colored boys up to Lafayette
today to ascertain whether Capt
Deyerle’s or Mr. Taylor’s has heard
from the camp.  One of Mr. Taylor’s
sons had just gotten home before
the boy got there.  He was wounded
in the arm.  He knew nothing
about the rest of  his camp but
Bro. will–they were so scattered
and confused that they hadn’t
gotten together when he left
Friday morn.  Brother Will was
wounded in the hand, the ball
entering the back of his hand,
come out in the palm and grazed
his two middle fingers.  Bro Will
stayed in a Yankee tent until most
daylight, when he found out his
mistake and made his escape–
He was sent to Staunton with the
rest of the wounded.   I can’t see why
he does not write or get some one to
write for him if he cant.  If he doesn’t
come in the morn or we hear from him
saying he will soon be home, Pa
will start to Staunton tomorrow, after
we get the mail–Don;t you [know] how

[page 2]
we want to see him so badly, I
can’t wait looks like.

[William McCauley, Co. E, 42nd Virginia Infantry, survived his wound and the war, dying in 1908 and the age of 71]

MSS 14953

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