1862 February 26 Columbus

Columbus 26th Feby 1862
Dear Genl [John Hartwell Cocke]

We have had rain after rain
here nearly all the time for the last
month, & I started to Green County ala.
last night, Y found I could not
get there under 3 or 4 days, & returned
home to try it again next week–
I write now chiefly to let you know
my movements & present uneasiness
on you part. the last news
from [hole in paper] all were getting
on Tolerable Well–the Head men
know what to do up to planting corn
Time & I do not feel uneasy about
the work, etc–the stud Colt 3
years old this Spring was looking
fine when I saw him last–the
last cold from the old mare is the
best colt of the two I think, Both
will make good horses. The Colt you
thought would make a saddle horse
is ugly, but no doubt will move
well. I wrote you Since my
return from the Bottom & hope you
have recd it before this time.

[page 2]
You have no doubt seen from the papers
the accounts of the great Battle on the
Cumberland River at Fort Donelson.
12000 men of Confederate States taken Prison
=ers & sent to Illinoise[sic]–Great excitement
through all the South. Governors calling
for Volenteers[sic]–We need God fearing
officers, & Sober Men at the head of
our armies to Succeed in this War.
It is Certain we have lost in this last
Battle 500 men Killed, & the enemy lost
between 5 & 6000 men Killed–We fought
15 or 18000 against 52000, & before
our 1200 were taken prisoners the enemy’s
Army was increased to 72000 men–
Several hundred of the Prisioners[sic] are
men from here, & in this County. A few
from this Town brought home dead & were
intered[sic] in our grave yard–the young
fellow, I sent down to take Nickles’s place,
I learn is doing very well–I shall
go down to green early next week, &
spend a few days if the Rivers & Creeks
can be crossed. Our Tombigbee river
is falling a little, but it has been
very high for two weeks–All well
as usual on the Est of Genl. P. St. Geo. Cocke
a few days ago–I am thankful

[page 3]
to Bod to be able to say I am now
enjoying my usual good health
Mr Powell’s health tolerable good
& we write in Christian love to you
& your’s–
Yr friend
R.D. Powell

Genl. John H Cocke

P.S. I will write again from Hopewell
& hope to receive a letter from you
when I go down, if not sooner
Please invite the Excrs of the Est to
my house, when they come out
in April–
Yrs R. D. P.

MSS 640

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