1862 January 31 [Staunton, Va.]

[from the diary of Joseph A. Waddell, civilian clerk, Quartermaster’s Dept., Staunton, Va.]

Friday night, Jan. 31, 1862.
When I left Alick’s this evening, at supper
time little Mary was sitting up, feeding her-
self with a spoon! It was delightful to see the
little thing with a placid countenance and free
from suffering. She appeared to get better yesterday
morning or the previous night, although she may
not now be out of danger. Cloths soaked in
hot water were applied to her throat & chest du-
ring the night and on yesterday, and to-day they
discovered that she was severely blistered. There was
also a discharge from her ear, which had prob-
ably contributed to her relief. Addy is thought to
be doing well – very bad and unmanageable –
He would be a very interesting child if he were not
so impracticable. Kitty is laid up with sore [-],
but not much sick, apparently. She imprudently
sat in her room with a window hoisted, day before
yesterday, when the weather was mild and the sun
shining. During the whole of January, with the
exception of that day only, I believe, we have had
rain, sleet, snow or at least clouds. The bad weath
-er, and consequently impassable roads, has prob-
ally prevented the long anticipated advance of the
enemy at the various points of invasion. There
was a rumor both yesterday and the day before,
that the Federalists had received a great overthrow at
Bowling Green, Ky. It came from Washington to
Norfolk. No confirmation of it. We have at last
something authentic from the Burnside expedition.
Gen. Burnside has reported to Washington that
thirty or forty of his vessels are missing, and he
fears they are lost, as several of them certainly are
The remainder, a large fleet, were on the coast of
North Carolina. I have finished the reports of our
office, for the last quarter, and have some expec-
tation of going to Richmond with them next week.

[transcription by Mary Roy Dawson Edwards]

MSS 38-258

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