1862 January 31 Centreville, Va.

Hd. Qrs. Outpost
Centreville Jan. 31, 1862
My Dear Father –
Since coming
down on picket I have learn-
ed that a Captn. of Our regt.
is raising a company of
Independent Cavalry, and that
he is authorized to do so by
the War Department. A number
of good men have been to
me, and requested me to get
up such a Company, should
the Art. scheme fail, and I
would be glad if you would
procure for me authority
to do so in that Event.
I prefer it next to the Light
Battery and I think it my
prospect for success would be
good. I hope you will be
able to procure for me

[page 2]
the necessary [word lined out] author-
Every thing is quiet out
here. The enemy are many
miles off. We are well
protected, and the present
tour will probably pass
off well.
Affectionately Your Son
Jno. W. Daniel

John Warwick Daniel, 1842-1910, known as the “lame lion of Lynchburg” was severely wounded in the Battle of the Wilderness, studied law at the University of Virginia and was later a U.S. Senator and noted orator.

[transcription by Mary Roy Dawson Edwards]

MSS 158

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