1862 January 30 Centreville, Va.

Centreville Va 30th Jany 1862
My dear Little Nannie:
I had just concluded a short letter
to you & was in the act of enclosing the left hand halves
of Clark’s 18 of of Bank Notes when I heard his very unex-
-pected familiar loud voice at “the cabin doors” – So I
destroyed that letter handed him the half notes – told him
that I had sent you the right hand halves and now
while he & Goodwin lie together on the floor before and
Brown on his plank bed behind me I have to write anew
and tell you what follows-
The weather has been unendurable for now
nearly three weeks but as soon as I can I will
try to see Capt Cummings four or five miles from here
& ascertain what you can do for him – If you should
send the package for Capt Goodwin I will contrive
it too him at his camp on Bull Run –
Clark says he had a gay time at Richmond
& is delighted with his new appointment & prospects
in Arkansas – He will leave here tomorrow for Richd
to go to Church with somebody on Sunday & says that

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he will be at home on Monday evening next to
leave for the West by the Tuesday evening’s train – He
asks that his trunk be packed & in readiness – He
says that my letter with instructions to him at Rich?
secured his appointment with McCullough – While I
do not think so I am not unwilling that he
should give me the credit &c – he is in doubt as
to what he shall do with Callahill – first he says
that I must keep him – then he says that he will
take him along & then says he will leave him at
home – I decline to keep him because I can do very
well without him for my remaining twelve weeks of
time & in addition to that he would be of more service
to your Father –
It is now pretty certain that Genl Beau-
-regard will go to Columbus Ky & Goodwin says that
the Washington Artillery have applied to go with
him but don’t expect permission to do so –
Grey Latham is not in camp to night
nor has he been for two days – How the public
interests suffer by this Company is almost in-
-credible – It’s a sin & a burning shame!!

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I can think of nothing more just now – Remember
me very kindly to all at home especially “The
Cap’n” and I will continue to be
Very devotedly
Your Own

[Lincoln Clark Leftwich leaves to serve as Chief of Artillery for Van Dorn. –Robert H. Moore’s Richmond Fayette, Hampdon, Thomas, and Blount’s Lynchburg Artillery. page160.]

[transcription and annotation by Mary Roy Dawson Edwards]

MSS 6682

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