1861 December 28

My darling wifey

I received your sweet letter
this morning and as usual you were called
off from the writing to you absent husband by
something trifling I suppose. You haven’t
written me a single letter, but that you
were hurried int he writing of it. If I
can find time to write, I think you might.
The above is more of a scolding than I
intended to give and more than I ought
considering that you have missed your ____.
What do you think of that? I suppose you
will retract all the abuse you heaped upon
me in Wmsburg___ I hope my darling will
be extremely prudent and careful of herself
but I have no doubt her mother will sus-
-pect something shortly and make her do
it. Write to me, my precious, and tell me
everything–you may feel no hesitation
in saying that I that I feel an interest in what
concerns you–I have written a long letter
to Millie which you can see, but this is
for your eyes alone–I need hardly ask
you to show it to none. the cream of all
my letters to you is that I want to see you
and love you with all my heart, and I
I[sic] think of my darling a great deal and
it is so pleasant. We have been seperated
this time longer than we have ever been
and I am getting extremely anxious to see you

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with regard to Chas do as you please
I hope to have use for him before long
in our new home–I wish you would
devote one whole morning to writing
me a long sweet letter and I will
give you ten dollars, but if you neglect
to tell me twenty times that I am
your own darling husband and that you
love me with all your heart, I shant
give you a cent–Will you give me $10 if
I tell you the same–Well hand it over
Give my love to your Mother and Sister Va.
and believe me, my own precious darling
wifey, as ever your devoted and loving

Howe Peyton Cochran, Sergeant, 1st Virginia Artillery

MSS 9380
concerns you

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