1861 December 27

[from the diary of Z. Lee Gilmer, Sgt., Co. B of the 19th Virginia, the Albemarle Rifles]

Went on Picket four
miles from Centreville
on the Bradoc road. had
quite a cold time & bad
wether Capt Taylor
in command of the Bat-
tallion (a poor exucse)
the men got a plenty of
whiskey but drank
prudently. returned to
Camp Christmas day.
attend’d dress parade &
heard the order read res-
cinding the granting of
of furloughs. This in
my opinion was only a
catch to prevent the men
from runing the blockade
(or in other words) going
home & to get them to
reinlist for the war & gra
nt them furlough not exceding 60 days.

MSS 4459

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