1861 November 30

[from the diary of Jesse Calvin Spaulding, Co. 5, 25th Massachusetts Infantry]

Had the worst night last night
I ever experienced. It rained
like a thunder storm nearly all night
and I was out in nearly the whole of it
being on guard. Got my shoes full of
water when I first went on at ten
o’clock, and they were wet all night.
My head ached badly for the least half
hour before I got off, at six int he morn-
ing, and it seemed as if my feet would
freeze it had grown so cold, But I
changed my stockings and warmed
myself at the sergeants tent and felt
much better. Had nothing to do but read &c
This is part of the rough side of a
soldiers life. But I feel that God is able
and willing to watch over and protect
those who trust in Him. I have thus far
been wonderfully favored by Him.
Henry and Charles Willis were here to-day
and I sent word home to father by Henry.

MSS 11293

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