1861 November 29 Norfo[lk]

Friday night

My Dear Miss Hettie

I write again still
hoping to hear from you after such
long silence–My last letter directed
University Va remained unanswered
so long (& still remains so) I reasoned
that you had changed your quarters
& hoped to learn from Willie Murray
something definite about you–
He has never written & I am
still very uncertain how to get
to you the two letters from your
Mother which I enclosed–Both we
received in the last three days–&
one sealed, today. A little note
from her accompanied them
requesting me to forward them to
you. Please tell her when you can

[page 2]
that it gives me the most intense
pleasure to assist her in getting
letters to you or anything in the
world that she can get to my hands.
Tell her not to think of trouble (which she
intimates) but only the fact that I am
never happier than when aiding or
abetting your happiness–it matters
little in what way, so long as I can
be instrumental–

Tilghman of Md. attached to the corps
of Engineers under Genl Huger has
persuaded me to direct these to
Charlottesville–He know you
slightly & tells me that he has lately
heard of you.

Then[?] after telling me about yourself
Miss Jennie, give me some information
of Willie Murray–He says that he now
looks upon our house as his home–
Please say to him that those at home
looking upon him as one of them, feel

[page 3]
most anxious to hear, if only a few
lines–While he was with us I learned
to love hm as a brother & so long as
I have a roof above me it is equally
his–He is a noble fellow & a vague
report says Miss Jennie will endorse
all the praise I could utter–

But what of yourself? I do not feel
maternal in this letter–at least–less so
than at any time I have ever written
you–Perhaps it is the uncertainty
of its reaching you–a deep blank
seems to have fallen on me since
I last heard from you & the little
excitement in Norfolk goes far towards
cherishing an unpleasant indifference
to most things around me–There
are no apprehensions of an attack
which would be hailed with delight &
dullness reigns supreme–

One peculiarity with me is Miss Laura Savage.
I can not agree with you in thinking

[page 4]
she lacks beauty & fascinating little
ways–But “voila tout”–At 21, that
might have bound my heart–

I often long for an hour even, with
you–I would thank you eloquently
for the last little note from Essex–
I could give you many little evidences
of reform in everything save my
politics–They would still incur
your intense denunciations. Unless
perchance you have changed, & from
all that I know of you I am obliged
to say, that if there be one thing more
than any other which I have especially
admired in your character–it is
the absence of anything like change &
do not consider this a letter–it is too
miserable. If you wish to write home
at any time send your letters to me
open & take particular care to say
nothing imprudent–They will be read
at head-quarters here & sent on by the
next flag of truce to Old Point–

[in top margin of page 1]

My very best to Miss Jennie

Ever Truly yours


MSS 1174

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