1861 September 30

[from the diary of Francis G. Hale, Co. F. 34th Ohio Zouaves]

the water is all gon away
of our tents but they
look horrable in deede
there is about 3 inches
of mud in the bottom
of them I never saw
sutch a place as
it is since I went
a soldiering
there is a lot of our
boys Just came back
from a scout they had
a fight they say but
we will not get the
pir ticul ars till the
hold body come
back which will be
to mor row I expect
there was a good many
boys that came in this
even ing theay give
some thrilling a counts
of the war they are
as hu ngry as wolves for
they have not had any
thing to eat for two or
three days but beefe
and pawpaws

MSS 13405

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