1861 August 31 Camp Bates near Washington

Dear Rosepha

I am now in that

celabrated land caled

Dixie, I have seen that celabrated

City called Washington, I will give

you a minute account of our jurney

hither. we left Syracuse, 20 minutes after

ten we arrived at Albany at four Oclock

in the morning we crossed the river took

the next rain for New York, the

Railroad laid mostly on the Banks

of the Hudson and you had a fair view

of the river most all the way and it is

a most beay beautifull sight to I can

tell you to see the larg stern boats

and schooners playing up and down

the river and we have a fare view

[page 2]

of West point it is one of the

most romantic places I ever saw

we arived in new yourk about half past

9 in the morning and staid there till

five in the afternoon we took our first

soldtiers diner at the Baricks it concisted

of two potatos a half a loaf of bread

a grate big chunk of meat and a pint

cup of soap. we had fun[?] enough over

our first soldiers meal I can tell you

at five Oclock or a little after we again

started. Each man taking one days

ration with him. We was feyred

acros the river to New jersy thin we

took cars for washington we pased through

quite a nomber of large Citys going

through New jersy we arived at

Philiadelphia a bout 10 Oclock at

night we thin changed cars crossed the

river took the next train for Baltamore

arived at that famous S City four

[page 3]

Oclock in the morning nothing of any

note took place while pasing through the

City. One of the boys rais to another clas

the blind, for sombody may throw a brick

bat through. we arived at Washington aboaut

7 Oclock in the morning What a sh sight

for miels around nothing was to be seen

but Munitions of war the ground in every

directtion is coverd with tents for three

and four milles from the City. We got our

breakfast at the baricks in the City we

then marched for our camp which is a bout

three milles from the City. just dark

our tents came we then pitched them and

bunked in for the night four in a tent

This morning while going after soom water going

which is about 60 or 70 rods from

camp I gatherd soom beautifull litel flowers

which I will send to ou in this leter

which you can show to your Friends as

curostys from the seat of War

[page 4]

I guess my Dear Rosa I will hafto

draw my leter to a closs as I want to write

to night to Mary and Charly yet to

day you will if cors write as soon as

you get this and write me a god long

leters to give my love to all your folks

resieve a good share for yourself.

Direct your leter to Privet Doran

CO Company I Coln Vanalan

Regt Washington, D C. Car of

Capt Joelneck

Pleas excuse my poor wrighting

as I hav to write on my knee

yours till Death John W. Doran

John W. Doran, 3rd N.Y. Cavalry

Colonel James Henry Van Alen, 1819-1886

Captain Gastorus Jocknick

MSS 8474-u

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