1861 August 30 Camp of the 5th M[ain]e

[Letter of Hiram Cash continues]

I was detailed to work on the fort today

they are making preperation for a battle about 500

Marines arrived here today to take charge of the guns

at the fort they understand the bussiness perfectly

of manageing heavy guns like them at the fort. A report

came to the fort to day that the enemy were throwing

up intrenchments within 5 miles of our lines and they

were expected to advance every day. I do not think they

will attack us here I think they will make an attempt to cross

the Potomack into Maryland either above Arlington or some way

below here and if they get across there will be a mighty

battle neare Baltimore but I think they will not be

allowed to cross the river There is a report that a large body

of our troops are on the moove with the intention of getting

to the rear of the rebels if they advance twords the river

our men will close in behind them and bring them between

to fires and as they cannot stand a very long time.

MSS 12916

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