1861 June 30 Washington [D.C.]

Dear Mother–All of us arrived here & are with the exception of
one Man which was killed on the way by tumbling off the cars What I have
seen of Washington, I like verry well the Regiment passed through Balti
more without any trouble there was not A Man or boy that hissed at us
going through the streets, I went in the Senate Chamber last Friday it is A
splendid Chamber, when we arrived here they did not give us any thing to
eat we had to go & buy what we wanted to eat, we are in Camp Alonong[sic]the first
& the second & third & fourth Regiments of Maine & nineteenth & the twenty first
21st of New York one of the New York guards captured one of the Rebels who was
spying round, I would like to know whether you receivd A picture that I had
taken in Boston & I would like to have William to send me the Portland advertiser
I would like to have the Boston Journal of last wendsday I want to see what
the Boston Folks say About the Regiment, I am yours truly son Joseph Leavitt

Joseph Leavitt was a private in Company G of the 5th Maine

MSS 66

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