1861 June 26 Camp Pickens, Manassas Junction

26th June 1861
My dear little Nannie:
My almost constant engagement
since my last is (my scarcely acceptable excuse) for
not writing for three or four days owing which time
I have duly received yours of 22nd, 23rd & 25th instants
for which I must heartily thank you –
The Hat for which I tender 5000000000000
of thanks came to hand in due time but not soon
enough to prevent my face from becoming perfectly
brown from the effects of the sun – I wear it all
the time & think of my dear little wife every time
I see it – I weighed yesterday only two hundred
& five pounds; ^ ‘showing’ a falling off of above twenty one
pounds from which I feel & no doubt look vastly
better – I have enjoyed perfect health since I left
Richmond & believe that I will be vastly in
better health, when I am at home again, than
I ever before enjoyed –
I have been employed for four or five
days in mounting a part of the 24 thirty two
pounder guns (weighing from 4,500 lbs to 5000 lbs) on
the Batteries being established here & did not go
with my Company yesterday to Centreville (7 miles
nearer Alexandria), because I was detailed to con-
-tinue in that service at this place for sometime

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what length of time I cannot say – I suppose how-
-ever that I will be here until the completion
of the work & it may be that I will be tendered
the command of one battery of three guns – I
feel quite lonely since my separation from the
Artillery Co although all the other Lynchburg
Companies are still here – The Batteries here are
under the “supervision of gentlemanly Navy Officers
one of whom gave me a tent near his own
which I occupy exclusively – If I find that I
am to be here for some time & I can possibly find
a nice place for her to stay in a mile or two
of the encampment I will write to my little Nan-
-nie authorizing her to come here if she wants
to – I very much fear that she will be more
lonely at Lynchburg than at Richmond but if
she wants to return to Richmond ^ ‘Lynchburg’ of course she
will do so – In the event you do go I hope
Mr. A & your Aunty will yield to your im-
-portunities & go with you –
I hope that “Jim” has called to see
you & that your opinion of him is not less
favorable than before – When you write
again please inform me as to where he may
be ordered –
“We are more quiet in this region
than we have been since our arrival & the
than we have been since our arrival & the
prospect now is that we will not have
another chance at the Lincolnites this side

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of Alexandria – We must have it & in this
region from 35 000 to 40 000 troops against
whom it would be silly on the part of
Scott to march even with an hundred thou-
-sand of such cowardly hirelings as his men
have already shown themselves to be –
It is thought by some that
a blow, from us, to free Maryland, will soon
be made – I think it ought & will be made
at the earliest possible time –
Remember me kindly to all en-
-quiring friends at Richmond & Lynchburg
& believe me to be as I am.
Your worshiping

MSS 6682

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