1861 June 21 Manassas Junction, Va.

J. B.Cocke
Asst ordnance officer
will deliver all cartridge boxes
& belts now on hand to Captain
Ellis to be brought forward for
the use of this regiment. You
will also send by the same
person Col Strange’s books & the
muster roll of the Piedmont

By order
PSt Geo Cocke
Col Comdg
19th Regt Va Vol

J. B. Cocke
Capts Ellis & Taliaferro
will proceed with their
companies to this place
as soon as transportation
can be procured. Waggons
will be furnished here.
Report to your regiment
at Centreville immediately
at which place they will
arrive at twelve (12)
M tomorrow
(By order)
Col Comdg
19th Regt Va Vols.

Duplicate copy

12 M stands for 12 meridian or noon, a term still in use 150 years ago

Lt. J B Cocke
Carry out Col Cocke’s
orders about the movements
of troops from Culpeper C.H.
to their head Quarters
(By order) Gen’l Beauregard
Thos Jordan
a a adjt Gen’l

Duplicate copy
J B Cocke
Tell Ellis & Taliaferro
to being five (5) days
provisions with them
(By order)
PSt Gdo Cocke

G F Jones
act asst
19th V rgt


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