1861 March 11 Johnsontown Virginia

Dear Tom (Thomas M. Scott)

I received your letter a few days
ago-& embrace this opportunity to respond.
I have just returned from Court,had quite
a spirited time. Messrs Spady[?], Fletcher[?] and
others delivered a speech in behalf of Southern
Rights, The Volenteers of the County turned out
in pompous array–They shot at target
for a beautiful Rosete & Bily Mapp
had the honour to bear it victoriously
through the streets, Fighting and drunken
-ness were as common as on any occasion
I ever witnessed. March Courts are noted for this.
Well Tom, I had the exquisit pleasure of
riding with your Lady love on sunday
I turned out in new carriage & gave
her the honour of being the first lady
to ride in it, I tell you I had quite a
nice time. Read keeps up the same lick
went last Sunday night at 7 o’clock but she
had returnd I tease them a great deal about
it, Tom. I took your letter out to show her
what you said concerning her messages
& she snatched it out of my hand & went
out & read it all.

[page 2]
she found out that I requested you to write to
her & that I thought she would give you a
favorable Response, I certainly hated it, I
told her & offered her every thing I could think
of not to read it, but read it she would

Peggy Denton Annie Downing & others are going
down to see her on Friday. I of course
will be around. We were all down to
Old Man Bily Harmansons last Friday night
Roberts & myself staid all night, & was caught
in the rain & did not leave ’til Saturday
near at night, we had quite a fine time,
Miss Mollie Dalby is quite a Belle in our
neighbourhood. Jno Roberts is among the list
of her admirers. what think you of his chanc?
Clay report says is kicked, I do not much
believe it.

Well Tom I imagine you have ^’read’ Lincolns
inaugural, what think you of it?
It is a matter of much discussion here
Some of the Whigs say “it is an able thing”
& that he will make a President far surpass-
ing old Buck. Though I do not think
that Buck discharges his duties to the satisf-
action of his supporters, still I think his
administration was by far better than any
guarantees Lincoln has given for us to
expect from him, and I think persons
who says that he is better for the South

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do not differ materealy in principal
from him– I believe that if the people
of Northampton were in a burning ship
they would quarrel about politics before
they extinguish the flames, I think they beat
the world in this respect — You asked me
how L and myself were progressing? I
believe about so so We are still engaged
and have been for some time,but when
the Knot is to be tied, I have no idea
It may be in a short time or nevr Things
of this kind you know is very uncertain.
the nearer I come to marying the less
I think about it Sometimes I almost
determin never to marry. Dont you think
it a good idea not to? If a man could
get such a wife as his fancy could
picture out, it would be quite a different
thing, but marying at random is like
buying a pig in the bag–very likely to
get bit–When you come home I want you
to try your hand in the direction of
Myrtle Greer[?] If you think you can do nothing
by writing you may accomplish much
by your presence–at least I want you
to try. “Faint Heart you know never won
Fair Lady” Tom excuse this badly written
letter & answer it soon.
Ever your True Friend George R. Mapp

George Richard Mapp, 1835-1916
later Superintendent of Public Schools, Northumberland County, Va.

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