Saturday, 1863 September 19, Bedford County, Virginia: “Slaves furnished . . . to labour . . . in the Service of the Confederate States”

[County appraisal of 12 slaves assigned as military laborers]

Appraisement of Slaves furnished by Slaveholders
of Bedford County in pursuance of an order of the County
Court of said County of 19th Sept. 1863, to labour on fortifications
in the Service of the Confederate States for a term
not exceeding 60 days, delivered to the Sheriff of Said County
on the 16th day of October 1863 at Liberty.
[Editor: The town of Liberty was a designated postal village and seat for county and circuit courts during antebellum times.]

Names of Slaves    Ages     Names of Slaveholders                Valnation
John                        30         Thomas W. Leftwich                      3000.00
Sandy                     19          W. K. Lowry                                   3200.00
John                        20         G. C. Morgan                                  3200.00
Jacob                      20         Abram Fuqua                                 3500.00
Wesley                   45         William A. Creasy                          1500.00
Dick                        18         John A. Hunt                                   3500.00
Henry                      22         Abnor Fuqua                                   3500.00
Peyton                    21         N . H. Markham                               1500.00
Green                     18         Joseph Johnson                              3000.00
John                       20         Caleb Heptinstall [Heppenstall?]     3000.00
William Henry        35          [Albert. M.] Ewing                            2500.00
Bob                        20         Adophus A. Whitely                         3000.00

Bedford County, to wit
We the undersigned being called upon for this purpose
have appraised the above listed Slaves at the
prices opposite their names except the slave of
N. H. Markham who was appraised by William A.
Creasy and Jesse L. Hopkins.
W. T. Campbell
Jesse L. Hopkins}Appraisers
N. H. Markham
Valnation [sic] of Slaves

We the undersigned being called upon for
the purpose, have valued the negro man
Bob named in the forgoing list belonging
to Adophus A. Whitely at the price opposite
to his name.
Jesse L. Hopkins
William G. Claytor
S. G. Stewart (?)

[Editor: Male slaves aged 18 to 45 were subject to conscription as state or Confederate military laborers for which their owners were paid $16.00 per month.]

MSS 11807

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