Sunday, 1864 April 24, Otisville, Genesee County, Michigan: “Now about buying a horse . . . Never buy & furnish anything that the U. S. furnishes”

[Letter of a Michigan civilian who advises his cavalryman brother against purchasing his own horse for military service] Otisville, April 24, 1864 Genesee County, Michigan Bro. Alf: I now will try to [unintelligible word] this Sunday morning in writing to … Continue reading

Tuesday, 1864 February 16, Stony Mountain, Virginia: “I have found out lately that I will not get out of service as soon as I expected”

[A Pennsylvania soldier stationed in Virginia writes to his mother] Signal Station, Stony Mountain [Virginia] Feb. 16th 1864 Dear Mother I have received your welcome letter of the 12th instant & also the one before—this evening—as one of the fellows … Continue reading

Friday, 1864 January 8, New Kent County, Virginia: “Slave Ephraim . . . died . . . on the Coast of South Carolina . . . and worth thirteen hundred dollars”

[Deposition on the loss of a male slave who died while a conscripted laborer at South Carolina fortifications for the Confederate Army.] State of Virginia New Kent County, to Wit: I, A. K. Tribble being duly sworn before a Justice … Continue reading

Wednesday, 1863 December 16, Hanover Junction, Virginia: “Invoice of . . . the property of Private E. G. Carter . . . who died in Hanover Junction Hospital”

[Confederate hospital record of a deceased soldier-patient’s belongings] Invoice of Clothing the property of Private E. G. Carter, Co. H, 21st [Regiment, North Carolina] Infantry who died in Hanover Junction Hospital, December 14, 1863, of this day turned over to … Continue reading

Thursday, 1863 November 19, Norfolk, Virginia: “I have not applied for any permit to bring my wife here but shall try to do it by stratagem . . . I do not wish to appear before the War Dept. in the character of an idler and sybarite”

[A Union general writes from an occupied Confederate Virginia city about his efforts to obtain leave and the recruitment of African-American soldiers.] Norfolk, Va. Thursday Nov. 19 [1863] My Dear Kinsley, Good and faithful servant! I would be very glad … Continue reading

Friday, 1863 October 23, Charlottesville, Albemarle County, Virginia: “I am getting no better . . . the doctor says I will not be fit for service again this winter”

[Letter of a Confederate Louisiana soldier from his hospital bed] Delevan Hospital Charlottesville, Va. October 23rd 1863 Dear Captain [William E. Moore, Company H, 1st Louisiana Infantry?]: I received your kind letter this evening with my two months pay for … Continue reading

Saturday, 1863 July 4, Westminster, Maryland, and, Saturday, 1863 July 18, Bunker Hill, Berkeley County, Virginia: “Two Roads from Gettysburg: Union and Confederate Soldiers’ Letters”

Letter 1 of 2: Saturday, 1863 July 4, Westminster, Maryland: “Some very hard fighting at Gettysburg . . . our forces have Captured Several thousand Rebels” Westminster, Maryland July 4th 1863 My wife: I again pen a few lines for … Continue reading