1862 September 29 “Eudora,” near Leesburg, Va.

[from the diary of Lt. John Tyler, of Letcher’s Artillery]

   (Sept 29th) Like my new room very
much.  Have not felt quite as well this
evening.  Sent Jas. over to Waterford with
Mr Braden, after the Flannel, & with orders
to have me a pair of pants made at the
tailors there of the cloth.  He returned
with the flannel & Miss Lizzie insists on
making it up for me.  I am under ever-
-lasting obligations to her; but can only
submit for the present. Miss Lizzies “Beatrice”
is my constant companion & I shall get the
faces indelibly impressed on my mind that
I will be able to drew it from memory ere
long.  Miss Lizzie has also honored my room
with one of her own Grecian paintings on –
which I have feasted my eyes for some time
it really is exquisitely executed & a lovely

subject, & being a little Gipsey girl with a
basket on her arm, a piece of bread in her
hand, and a large dog, of St. Bernard, or
New Foundland Species with one fore paw on
her arm, as it were supplicating for the
bread, a tent is seen through the foliage
in the distance, & the, “tents ensemble”, is
perfect. _  Clouded up this evening and
had a slight rain.  Quite warm.  Miss Lizzie
has kept me supplied with fresh flowers
constantly, she received a new instalment
this evening.  In addition the vase full
she arranges me a nose-gay, intended ex-
-clusively for the use of the first part of
the word, which is generally a concentra-
-ted extract of sweetness & Citron Alice[sic], on
the latter of which I dote, as Sister Florrie
knows.  Miss Lizzie also found out I was
fond of buttermilk & now I have fresh but-
-termilk nearly every day.  Had a very

(Heard today that 1200 of our cavalry were in Leesburg).
pleasant conversation with Mrs Peyton
this afternoon & afterward with Miss
Lizzie, who spent the evening with me.

[transcript by Mary Roy Dawson Edwards]

MSS 6150

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