1861 December 29 Camp near Winchester

[right hand margin of this letter has been ripped away at top and bottom]

Ever Dear Kate [Amanda Catherine Armentrout]

I recieved your lette[ ]
on the 20th & it was a most welco[ ]
letter for our Reg. was on picket near
the banks of the Potomac & occatio[ ]
the Enimy would throw a bombshell as
if feeling for our situation but [ ]
warsted amimition in vain be[ ]
you may know that your letter
being recived in such a p[ ]
would make a lasting impres[ ]
on my mind & thare I vowed
before Almighty God that I wou[ ]
never play annother card it was
very seldom that I ever played; when
I played it was for mear amusement
but will I know thare was a better way
to spend my time. this is quite a
lonesome day hear, though a beautifull
Sabbath morning evry thing looks
quiate but dull it is quite a
picture to look around on my m[ ]
some are Cooking some eating som[ ]
writing & some sleeping we had [ ]

[page 2]
[ ] for breakfast you would laughf if
[ ]u could seeus Cooking evry one
[ ]ust have something to say how
[ ]noh & such a thing ought to be done
[ ] H. Brownlee is hear to day tis the
[ ]st time I have seen him since
[ ]e went to Washington Co. he loos
[ ]ery well. Tome is Gen Garnett orderly.
[ ]hat sort of a Christmas did you
have mine was very dry it seemed
[ ]o me like a Sabbath it was
[ ] beautiful day I would like
[ ]ry much to have been at home
[ ]r I know that I could have had
[ ]ome pleasure I will long remember
[ ]he presant hollow days we had
a turkey christmas day for dinner
* have had one since, thare was
an inspection this morning a 9 O
clock A.M. whe had a tolerable hard
trip to the Potomac a fiew weeks
a go an it is hard to me as
I was not very well I had the
yellow Jaunders I was very near
broke down it is useless to
[ ]ite evry think that happened
[ ] it has been published in the news papers

[page 3]
I hope John is getting well so h[ ]
can enjoy him self through the [ ]
low days I assure you that I sha[ ]
never think less of him for tellin[ ]
on me for he is a man I grat[ ]
esteem I only wish that he w[ ]
correct me of evry fault that [ ]
have give my love to him if he
is at home when this reaches yo[ ]
you can keep the socks, untill
I return my health is very good at
preasant & hope when these fiew
uninteresting lines come to ha[ ]
you may be enjoying the same
blessing. my Brothers are both wel[ ]
your cousin Abe was down hear
yesterday the most of the boys trea[ ]
him coldly because he had him
self detailed to wait on the sick
he spent to most of his time
with me I hurd that he started
home yesterday I hope that he may
have a pleasent time. I must
bring this short letter to a clo[ ]
I ask an interrest all your [ ]
give my love to all & resurve
respective portion for your

[page 4]
[ ]rite soon as I am always glad
[ ]hear from nothing more write
[ ]on
W.G. Brand
[ ]New years gift

William Francis Brand, 1840-1932, 5th Virginia Infantry, Co. E (Augusta Grays); afterwards a farmer.

MSS 11332

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